My Second Service Project


On Sunday morning, Rich and I woke up bright and early to volunteer at our church’s giving tree drive. This was our first time volunteering at church and we really enjoyed it! Our job was to sort the gifts as they came in and match them with the other gifts for each family. One we had we received all the gifts for a family, we would bag them up and tag them to be ready for pick up. It was a fun job seeing each family’s Christmas come together and I’m really happy the church was able to help out so many families in need.


This holiday season, I wanted to make it a priority to give back. Not only did volunteering help others, but it helped me mentally feel good and remember the reason for the season! I’m hoping that this becomes a holiday tradition that I will look forward to for many years to come!

Have you ever done any service projects around the holidays? Or better yet, during the year? I would love ideas of more things to do!


2 responses to “My Second Service Project

  1. Cool! My mom and her coworkers adopted a family this year for gifts, and they had the option to stay and see them pick them up. I need to ask her how that went 🙂

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