Liebster Award!

I was nominated by the the adorable and bubbly Alicia at Blessed and Blissful for a Liebster award! This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a blogger award and I’m really excited to join in on the fun!


The Liebster Award is an award given to up and coming bloggers who inspire you. The word Liebster is a German word and means Beloved, Dearest, or Favorite. This is such a sweet and loving award, and I am honored to be nominated!

Here is how it works:
-Write 11 random facts about yourself.
-Answer the 11 interview questions you’ve been given by the person who nominated you.
-Create 11 new questions.
-Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
-Go and tell the person who nominated you, along with the people you’ve nominated about your post.

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I competed as a synchronized figure skater for 14 years. I went to Nationals 12 times and competed internationally as part of Team USA for 4 years. I can’t even begin to describe how much those years have helped me become who I am!
2. As a kid, I was obsessed with the impressionist artist Claude Monet. I’ve always wanted to visit his garden and next fall I will get to!!!
3. I never really pictured myself getting married or having kids until I met my husband. I always pictured myself as a big city career woman! But, once I met him I knew he was the one I was supposed to be with. Since we met at a bar he did not take me seriously when we first dated so I broke it off. After two months of not talking, he contacted me from Belgium to tell me he missed me and we went on a date when he got back. The rest is history.
4. I’m an only child and am definitely an old soul because of this.
5. I’m lucky to have several friends who have been around my whole life. My cousin Megan and I have been best friends since day one and my best friend Valerie and I became friends in Kindergarden. I also am still close with my best friends from middle school, high school and college!
6. I’m not really sure what color eyes I have because they change based on what I’m wearing or the lighting around me. Sometimes they are blue and sometimes they are green.
7. The summer before I signed up for my first half marathon my friend Denise and I ran 3 blocks to catch and train and could not run the full 3 blocks. Two years later we ran a full marathon together.
8. During my day job I sell advertising for television stations. I really enjoy my job and definitely consider it my lifetime career. I am lucky to look forward to going to work every day!
9. Growing up I was allergic to red and yellow food color. I’ve since grown out of it, but it was definitely a challenge as a child.
10. I’m not good at doing one thing at a time. I’m always multitasking and even when I’m “relaxing” at home I always have a load of laundry going, or am doing two things at once. This is a good and a bad thing.
11. When I moved to Chicago after college I had no job. I lived in a studio apartment alone with some money in savings and made my way! I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come in the past five years.

Now my questions from Alicia:
1. What is your favorite type of workout? My favorite workouts really vary! Lately I love group classes, swimming with my hubby, running with friends and yoga to clear my mind.
2. Who inspires you? My parents definitely shaped who I am. My Mom had the best attitude and she helped me see the good in life. She and my Dad were also both very type A people which is where I get that. My Dad is by far the hardest working man I’ve ever met and he taught me how to work hard and achieve my goals.
3. Twitter or Instagram? I am getting into Twitter lately but I like looking at people’s Instagram!
4. How do you feel about your hair? I like my hair but of course always wish I had what I do not. My hair’s pretty thin and I’ve always wished for more volume. By now though, I’ve learned to love it as is!
5. Do you watch college or pro football? If so, who’s your favorite team? If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan. Born and raised!
6. What is your favorite quote/saying? I love quotes but my all time favorite is “If nothing changed, there would be no butterflies.” It’s a good reminder that life is constantly changing but there is always the opportunity to learn and grow.
7. Where is your favorite place to shop? I like classic styles and my favorite places to shop are Anthropologie, Banana Republic, J Crew and Loft. (especially love their jeans!)
8. Have you/would you ever go skydiving? I would totally! I am huge on heights.
9. Are you addicted to Pinterest, if so what are your favorite things to pin? I love Pintrest! I love pinning recipes, outfit inspiration and holiday ideas!
10. Would you ever be on a reality t.v. show? My college skating team would’ve made an amazing reality show. SO MUCH DRAMA! But these days, my life is a little boring.
11. What made you start blogging? I started blogging to track my progress while training for my first marathon and I’ve kept blogging to hold myself accountable. Now I keep blogging for the amazing community!

Now my questions:
1.What’s your favorite holiday splurge?
2.How do you hold yourself accountable for workouts?
3.What made you start blogging?
4.What keeps you blogging?
5.Any goals in mind for 2013?
6.What is your biggest flaw?
7.What are you three favorite things about yourself?
8.What is your day job?
9.What is your go to snack?
10.What is your go to weeknight dinner?
11.What’s your favorite thing to read on blogs? (race recaps, recipes, etc.)

My Nominations:
1. Kat @ Katalyst Health
2. Kelly @ Running Kellometers
3. Anne @ Anne Really Blogs
4. Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
5. Irina @ Chocolatea Time
6. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables
7. Sara @ Run Gingerfoxxx Run
8. Kim @ ilaxStudio
9. Bobbi @ Zero to 26.2
10. Cary @ My Life’s List
11. Amy @ Amy’s Recipe for Disaster


14 responses to “Liebster Award!

  1. Wow, that’s awesome that you and your friend went from not running at all to doing a whole marathon in just two years!

    I think you and I must have had similar move-to-Chicago experiences! I didn’t have a job either, though I also didn’t have savings – woops! But it’s a great place to grow and thrive after college, and it sounds like you’re doing pretty well 5 years in.

    Even weirder coincidence, my now-husband and I realized we loved each other while he was on a trip to Europe with friends (though we hadn’t broken up or anything, but we weren’t very serious before that trip). I balled after he left, which seemed a little extreme, and our first night out after he came home we had a serious talk and he said he loved me. Apparently traveling abroad makes you really think about things, or something.

  2. Love your facts! You should totally go skydiving! We just got a groupon type thing to go hang-gliding and I can’t wait to try it!

    I think we need more pics and stories from your skating days.

    Is it okay if I put my answers here? I never fill this out because I can never think of any interesting facts 😦 womp womp

    1.What’s your favorite holiday splurge? Nice gifts for my friends.
    2.How do you hold yourself accountable for workouts? By blogging them.
    3.What made you start blogging? Preparing for an overseas move.
    4.What keeps you blogging? The friendships.
    5.Any goals in mind for 2013? Eat more healthy
    6.What is your biggest flaw? Binge eating
    7.What are you three favorite things about yourself? 1. sense of humor, 2. willingness to try new things, 3. my generosity <– these make me sound conceited
    8.What is your day job? meh
    9.What is your go to snack? a bar
    10.What is your go to weeknight dinner? whatever Steven makes
    11.What’s your favorite thing to read on blogs? (race recaps, recipes, etc.) anything with personality that isn't preachy. ha ha ha ha

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  4. Thanks for the nomination! It’s wonderful to see how far you’ve come in the past few years – it seems that you are a risk taker and it’s gotten you to great places in life 🙂

  5. Great answers! I love hearing more about blogger friends! I’m always multitasking as well too (currently baking and blogging..he he!) sometimes it gets me in the booty when I don’t finish either thing..LOL
    I LOVE that quote! ❤

  6. I have to chuckle because we used to send around these memes back in 1998 via e-mail. hahaha! “1998,” as if that was so long ago. But, still, that was just when the Internet was getting its legs. Damn, I’m old.

  7. Oooh! Fun. I feel compelled to answer quickly:

    1. Sleeping in the next day. Until 6:00a.
    2. If I don’t “work out,” the food won’t grow and the weeds (a/k/a/ plants I don’t want to grow) take over.
    3. WordPress was my middle finger to Facebook. Plus, Mullenweg and I went to the same obscure little high school. Cool coincidence.
    4. Brain dumps, occasionally. Mostly, it keeps me honest to all the projects I have going; it’s constant.
    5. Cross at least one resolution off from the 2008 list and go from there.
    6. Healthy Confidence + No Filter = Foot In Mouth. Every time.
    7. That I can run circles around kids at 45, lift a 70-lb bale of peat moss in high heels better than Junior at the hardware store, and serve a rocket of a tennis serve with a bad shoulder.
    8. Mom. Of Four. Ain’t that enough?
    9. Fresh garlic, basil, and cold-pressed olive oil with toast…
    10. Salad and burritos, especially when they go make it themselves.
    11. Anything positive that features pictures of spiders and snakes. They get a bad rap.

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